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Pick Up a 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim for Under £160

Posted by Sammy Barker

Every little helps

Those of you eagerly anticipating an opportunity to enter the third place will be delighted to learn that UK supermarket Morrisons is selling the brand new 12GB PlayStation 3 Super Slim for just £158 in-store today.

Elsewhere, Toys ‘R’ Us is bundling the system alongside a copy of FIFA 13 for a competitive £179.99 in-store. If you’d prefer to shop online, Amazon is selling the hardware on its own for £159.99.

Unlike previous models, the 12GB PS3 Super Slim favours flash memory over a hard-drive – but the capacity can be upgraded if you want to have more than just Gran Turismo 5 installed at once. Is anyone planning on picking up one of these cheap and cheerful consoles over the weekend?


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GregoryRasputin said:

Im not sure how one would enter "The Third Place" as The Third Place is an advertising campaign for the PS2 and not the PS3.....



jer18 said:

Heh. We'll it's good if you're not a fan of playing demo's and DLC. Priced too high in my opinion.



Strofan7 said:

If these came stateside i'd drop $150 on it in a heartbeat for the luxury of a 2nd PS3. As it's priced now though I feel its too steep for a 2nd PS3, and I don't know if it will attract new gamers to it. I assume the market for this will be perfect with the family oriented Wonderbook and everything this holiday season, but I'm not sure I see much of a market for it outside of that. Maybe its a UK test run before expanding to a larger market to coincide with the holiday season? I just still don't get Sony's pricing tactics with this new line yet.



JavierYHL said:

i am waiting for a good limited edition ps3 super siim 500gb before i jump in,heard that the super slim is super quiet and i like that...



odd69 said:

Im seriously interested in this, will you be picking one up sammy??



rjejr said:

Can anybody tell me why it's 12GB rather than 16GB as every other computer device in the history of the world runs off of Base2 or whatever it's called?
Or is Sony starting to try a new trend of 12GB is available after the OS? This would stop a lot of people moaning about 8GB tablets and MP3 players only having 5GB free.

As for buying 1, I could see a really cheap 2nd PS3 being useful for in-house multiplayer and a streaming device blu-ray player. The Roku HD and Apple tv are about $100 each and maybe $80 for wi-fi blu-ray so even w/o a big HD it's probably worth it.



Samholy said:

fifa2013 and ps3 bundle ? will this be available in north america too? i know people who would jump on this one.

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