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Metro: Last Light Focusing Spotlight on Single-Player

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Developer 4A Games has decided to scrap Metro: Last Light’s multiplayer component, opting to concentrate its resources on creating an exceptional single-player campaign instead. The competitive mode was revealed shortly after the game’s initial announcement – a move that the studio feels was “probably a mistake”.

"Throughout the development of Metro: Last Light a small, dedicated team had been working on a number of multiplayer prototypes," the team wrote on its official blog. "After E3, we decided to fold this multiplayer team back into the main group and focus 100% of the studio's resources on the single player campaign. As a result, Metro: Last Light will not ship with a multiplayer component."

Whether multiplayer will be included as a post-release update is still undecided. "Right now we're 100% focused on the single player campaign and not thinking beyond that. We don't like throwing away work though, it's a project we could potentially return to after Metro: Last Light ships."

Is multiplayer something you’re looking for from the post-apocalyptic shooter?

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CanisWolfred said:

This is the best desicion a developer has made in a long time. I might move this up to a day-1 buy if I can after hearing this.



Scrible said:

Not looking for multiplayer in this game, praise the single player game some, every multiplayer game adds the same thing, zombies, ENOUGH WITH THE overkill, was cool at first, now its ridiculous

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