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Mass Effect 3 Prepares for Operation Overdrive

Posted by Sammy Barker

Geth ready

We quite liked Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component, and it seems like we weren’t alone. Over six months since the game’s original release, BioWare is still supporting the title with new original Bounty Events.

This weekend marks the start of Operation Overdrive, which will shoulder you with the responsibility of hitting a full extraction on any map in under 20 minutes. Achieve the reasonable target, and you’ll nab a Commendation Pack for your efforts.

Meanwhile, as with all Bounty Events, there’ll be an allied goal too. This will challenge players from around the globe to achieve 200,000 extractions in total, with all participants rewarded with a Victory Pack if successful. The big question is: are you still playing Mass Effect 3's multiplayer?


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Splat said:

I'm taking a break on all things Mass Effect till ME 1 comes out on PS3. I simply can't wait to play through all 3 games in order.



ShogunRok said:

Yay, another super easy operation. Bioware seem to finally be taking the hint that millions of people don't play their game online. Now if they just released some more free DLC...

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