Fictional stuntman Joe Danger may be packing away his crash helmet and knee-pads after the release of sequel Joe Danger 2: The Movie on PSN this week. In an exclusive chat with Push Square, developer Hello Games revealed that it's not currently planning a third entry in the downloadable series, because it wants to turn its attention to something new.

“We’re not planning Joe Danger 3 or anything like that,” technical director Ryan Doyle told us. “We want to move on a bit and work on some new IP. Being independent has given us the freedom to do that, so we don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Doyle explained that the developer wanted to reassure disappointed PS3 owners after the sequel was originally announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive. “We really, really wanted to tell people it was coming [to PSN] – but we couldn't,” he sighed.

You can read the full interview on Push Square tomorrow afternoon.