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Guardians of Middle-Earth Travels to PSN in December

Posted by Sammy Barker

Make sure you Baggins it

Warner Bros’ poorly named PlayStation Network MOBA Guardians of Middle-Earth (sigh) will venture onto Sony’s digital storefront on 4th December in North America, the publisher has announced. A European launch will follow on 5th December, with a retail release planned for 7th December.

In the UK, the digital title will set you back £11.99, while the retail version will cost you £24.99. Now, before you pull out your pitchforks, it’s worth pointing out that the price discrepancy is due to the physical release including DLC discounts and a Season Pass.

Post-release content will include new maps, modes and characters – some of which will be based upon the upcoming The Hobbit movie. Let us know if you're interested in the comments section below.

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Azikira said:

Im -INTERESTED-, but I need to know more before I drop money on this game



Strofan7 said:

IGN listed $15 for download and $30 for retail. I'm interested in the IDEA, but can't help but feel that th execution will be a letdown and this will just be a cash-in on the lord of the rings name.

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