PlayStation Plus subscribers will be invited to follow in the foot-steps of their favourite Greek warriors this winter, when the God of War: Ascension beta finally arrives on the PlayStation Store. The multiplayer test will allow you to sample the competitive side of Sony Santa Monica’s sequel without needing to sacrifice a shilling, though vanilla PSN players will also be able to unlock entry via a new social game named Rise of the Warrior.

The browser-based title – which is not quite ready yet – will allow you to earn in-game unlocks, exclusive items, early beta access, and 30-day subscriptions to PlayStation Plus. Those are some great rewards, so let’s hope the game itself is actually, y’know, fun to play.

Embedded below is the first episode of God of War: Ascension’s behind-the-scenes documentary series, Unchained. It depicts the build up to the game’s first press reveal, and is an interesting watch if you’re a fan of the franchise.