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Digital Version of Resident Evil 6 Infected by Nasty Virus

Posted by Sammy Barker

No hope left

Those of you that snapped up the digital version of Resident Evil 6 yesterday may have noticed there’s a slight problem with your game: it doesn’t load. It seems a patch released by Capcom has rendered Day 1 Digital versions of the title completely unplayable – but thankfully there is a temporary workaround.

"The temporary fix to ensure people can enjoy RE6 today as intended is to ask those people to un-install the game (only if they originally saw an error message) and re-install the game," the publisher told IGN. "This time they won't be prompted to download the patch and the game will load."

However, there is one caveat: "Please note however, these people won't be able to play against disc owners on a temporary basis. We are working with SCEE (Sony) to fix this issue and a patch is imminent to fix the issue. Please note that those people who downloaded the game from the PSN store originally won't be able to access at this time, but this will be fixed by the imminent patch."

Sony has since Tweeted that an updated patch is set to hit the PlayStation Network at approximately 17:00PM BST. That means it should be up by the time you read this. There’s no word on whether the download will, y’know, turn Resident Evil 6 into a good game.


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belmont said:

I had this pre-order via PSN. I played yesterday without any issues, haven't tried to play today yet. Strange...

As far as the game goes I played only as Leon. The game is similar to RE5 but with more scenes that ask you to press spicific buttons in the controller. The graphics are great but the game is very dark, even on the full brightness option. The story seems interesting...



irken004 said:

Let's hope other developers don't screw up on Day 1 digital releases like this.



WolfRamHeart said:

It looks like you heard about the wonderful reception that this game has gotten on Metacritic, huh Sammy?



WolfRamHeart said:

@Sammy: I want to try it for myself too despite the negative feedback that it is getting. I look forward to reading the review here on PushSquare.



Gemuarto said:

1.01 patch alredy fixed and re-realeased =))). So digital vesions now as full as disc versions. No discrimination =).



Splat said:

I really want to play it as well it's just going to have to wait. I liked RE5 more than most people I know.



Gamer83 said:

This game, at least Chris' campaign anyway, deserves the harsh reception it's gotten. Still, I just finished Leon's campaign earlier today and despite the overuse of QTEs I found it to be very good. If the bottomliners calling the shots at the company weren't so obsessed with grabbing the CoD and Gears crowds the developers maybe could've fleshed that campaign out a bit, tweaked the camera to make it work better and they would've had a fantastic game on their hands. Instead we get a very good but fairly short campaign, one middling campaign and then a total piece of trash ripoff that really brings down the overall experience. Haven't played Ada's campaign but I've heard that one may actually be the best of the 4. If that's true, I'd say the game is no worse than a 6/10 but no better than a 7/10 because you have to factor in all pieces and frankly there was a time when even an 8/10 would've been disappointing for a mainline Resident Evil so yeah... I don't think it's as bad as the ridiculous scores Destructoid and Gamespot gave it but the two guys who did those reviews are two of the game 'journalists' I have the least amount of respect for anyway. A lot of the other harsh reviews are fair though and hopefully Capcom takes them to heart when it comes time for RE 7. Unfortunately Shinji Mikami is working at a different company.

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