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Criterion: Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Vita Was Something That We Wanted to Do Internally

Posted by Sammy Barker

Stepping up

UK developer Criterion Games has revealed that it “wanted” to build the PlayStation Vita version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. The handheld release – which is practically identical to its console counterpart – was developed in-house at the Guildford outfit, rather than being cast off to an external studio.

“[Building Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the Vita internally] was something that we wanted to do,” producer Matt Webster explained on the PlayStation Blog. “It looked like the machine was going to be capable of delivering what we wanted to do. And the way that we work is very iterative – build, play, change, build, play, change – that’s how we work. When you go external it generally only works when you’ve got a finished game, otherwise there are too many moving parts.”

Aside from some minor changes to traffic density and online multiplayer, the handheld racer is identical to its console companion. Brilliantly, the portable release even boasts cross-platform compatibility with the PS3 game.

Webster explained: “If you play the single-player game, and then play multiplayer, any Speed Points you earn in SP also drive your MP progression, and that’s true when you play the game on Vita too. Anything you earn on Vita carries across to the console version. It’s a unified scoring system.”

The title’s due out next week on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. You can check out the launch trailer through here.


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Shiryu said:

Could this single game convince me to buy a Vita? Quite possibly...



Shiryu said:

Indeed, reminds of the Wii's "Call of Duty" games where you would get no information, pics, videos, anything at all previous to release. And no reviews before the game hit the shelves, either. (btw, they were very impressive and competent efforts by Treyarch and offered a similar experience on lesser hardware).



TOMBOY25 said:

there loads of gameplay for the vita version from the NYCC on youtube



Azikira said:

So have they decided yet if this game is going to be part of the Cross-Buy initiative like they were considering?



3Above said:

Seriously!? This game is out NEXT WEEK? I honestly didnt know that. Where is the marketing???



get2sammyb said:

@3Above They advertised it during the Man Utd match earlier this week. I've seen it on quite a few websites, too.

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