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Count the References in This Retro City Rampage Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Old school

Watching this Retro City Rampage launch trailer is a bit like seeing your whole gaming life flash before you. The promotional video for the 8-bit open world adventure – due out on PS3 and Vita later today – is packed with so many throwback references that we actually lost count. Let us know how many you spot in the comments section below.

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bauckster said:

Super excited for this one!! Were those mini-game shots near the end of the trailer? (for example, I saw "Bit trip city", obviously a tribute to the awesome Bit Trip games - was wondering how much they actually factor into the game as a whole)



Gamer83 said:

Took a while but the wait for this game was definitely worth it. Downloaded it for Vita not too long after the update and played for hours. Awesome stuff, so many references to classic games in very clever ways.

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