Few titles are as ambitious as CCP Games’ upcoming DUST 514. The PlayStation 3 exclusive intends to merge the universe between two disparate games – a feat which the Icelandic developer believes took real “guts on Sony’s part”.

Asked what drew the studio to the PS3 in the first place, CCP’s Jon Lander told us: “It was really that working relationship with Sony. To be able to do this kind of game: a real-time, persistent world that connects to a completely different experience – it really took guts on Sony's part.”

DUST 514 will allow PS3 owners to communicate and compete alongside those playing popular PC MMO EVE Online. Lander continued that Sony really saw the vision in what the developer was trying to do – and it excited them.

“[DUST 514] provides the opportunity to do something nobody has done before,” he added. “The openness with which Sony embraced that challenge, and the way they've worked with us as well, has been fantastic. To be honest, working with them just felt like the right thing to do. It was easy.”

You can read our full exclusive interview with CCP Games tomorrow. In the mean time, let us know if you’re looking forward to DUST 514 in the comments section below.