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Assassin's Creed III's Day One Patch Is Essential Too

Posted by Sammy Barker

Layer of polish

It seems like more and more incomplete games are slipping through quality assurance these days. Ubisoft has issued an enormous day one patch for Assassin’s Creed III, which fixes a number of remnant bugs and glitches in the game.

"This day one update is designed to optimise your player experience," the developer explained, adding that it's highly recommended that you download it. You can peruse the full list of tweaks through here, but be warned that the link does include spoilers.

The update isn’t quite as crucial as last week’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter patch – but this is still a worrying trend. If you don’t have access to the Internet, you’re stuck with an incomplete game. That’s a problem.


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Realportugeezer said:

(a) Who doesn't have access to the internet nowadays
(b) Games are a lot more complicated and complex than on previous generation consoles so it is harder and harder to reduce the risk of bugs given the complex coding
(c) It is better for them to admit the problem with a Day One patch than try to ignore the problem and leave it a few weeks until people complain



Malic said:

@Realportugeezer wow man not everyone has Internet lots of people use their smart phone or tablet or can't afford it, so because games are more complex than last gen so you think its OK to release a game that needs a patch to run efficient? Na man I think the games now are being rushed out especially before holidays and if its to complex to make a game either you're in the wrong buisness or you need to take your time and release it when its playable



Gamer83 said:

These companies are getting way too lazy with this. I know there's a time table but if the game has to be delayed to polish it, do it. Screw what retailers and the big wigs at the company think. I know I'd rather pay $60 for a complete, full functioning game on day one than have to continue to download these stupid time consuming patches. I miss the days when I could just pop the game in my console and start playing.

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