Many of us expected a price-cut when Sony announced the PlayStation 3 Super Slim at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year – but that didn’t happen. In fact, the platform holder actually raised the price of its premium console in a number of regions. Analysts believe that’s where the system’s price-tag will stay, despite increased pressure from discounted Nintendo and Microsoft bundles.

“Sony dropped their console prices $50 in 3Q11 so I don’t expect another price cut this holiday season,” IDC Research’s Lewis Ward hypothesised in an interview with “I don’t think Sony will have terrible game sales results this holiday season but I also won’t be surprised if they come in third when it’s all said and done.”

Meanwhile, DWR Research’s PJ McNealy pondered what impact a PS3 price-cut would actually have. “The fundamental question for Sony right now is how many incremental PS3 units could they sell at this point in the cycle if they cut price now? My opinion is that it likely wouldn’t have a big impact for Sony this calendar year,” he said. “Sony is trying to minimize losses right now after posting terrible financial results in the past year. I think the solutions for them right now are more focused on [the Super Slim] PS3 with bundles.”

EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich agreed that the platform holder will focus on bundles this holiday. "It is clear that all the current generation consoles are getting a little long in the tooth and unfortunately releasing new models or upgrades is not as strong a motivator as in prior years,” he explained. “Both Microsoft and Sony will be aggressive on their holiday promotions. I am sure Sony is adequately prepared with proper discounted bundles.”

National Capital Alliance’s Mike Hickey added that if the company drops the price of the PS3 now, it may need to do the same again ahead of the PlayStation 4, which is expected next year. “If they cut the price now, they’ll just have to cut it again when they announce PS4," he said. "So maybe they are thinking, ‘Let’s limp this through until the announcement’ and then they’ll do the next price cut similar to what Nintendo did with Wii in front of Wii U.”

Would you like to see the PlayStation 3 get a price-cut this Christmas, or are you waiting to see what bundles Sony has in the pipeline? Let us know in the comments section below.