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Wonderbook: Book of Spells Enchants Stores on 13th November

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Harry Potter spin-off Wonderbook: Book of Spells may not be the most obvious PlayStation 3 blockbuster of the year, but it’s clear that Sony has big plans for the augmented reality title. That’s been underlined by a North American release date of 13th November – right at the start of the gift giving season.

The J.K. Rowling endorsed title will be available in a variety of guises. You'll be able to snap up the book peripheral and the game for $39.99, or buy it alongside a Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera for $79.99. Sony’s also indicated that it’s looking to create console bundles overseas.

All the platform holder needs to do now is get the price of the actual PS3 system down, and this could be one of the most wanted toys of the year. Even we’re cautiously optimistic about it.


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Scrible said:

Its just a ploy for you to buy the move will end up being like sorcery sucky



rjejr said:

It's Harry Potter so it will sell. The real question is will it be fun to play so that they can sell other Wonderbooks? I'm still waiting for some actual gameplay videos of kids sitting in a living room with this boring book staring up at a tv to see what happens. Not that we'll ever see the reality advertised.

This looks to be a pretty slow holiday season with only the WiiU and it's lackluster list of launch titles really standing out to me. And we still don't have a date or price for that yet. If it's $250 it'll be a big hit, $350 and I think alot of people will pass for now. But Christmas comes every year and parents have to buy their kids something, and this looks like it could be it.

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