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Sony Europe Offering PlayStation Plus for £22.49 in UK?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Someone in marketing is going to be in hot water

An image taken from the PSN Store shows that Sony Europe is advertising its PlayStation Plus service - which normally costs £29.99 for an annual subscription - for just £22.49.

The advert for the service, which gives access to exclusive features such as free games and discounts on downloads, appears to be some kind of error. According to reports, attempting to purchase a subscription for the suggested value doesn't work.

What's the word we're searching for, here? Oh yes. D'oh.


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ShogunRok said:

Ah for god's sake. Someone's always doing something wrong when it comes to SCEE and the store.



Squiggle55 said:

So the mistake is that they started advertising this deal before it goes into effect? Whenever it does go into effect, it will be just another reason SCEE digital is making SCEA look bad, since SCEA skipped giving us a deal on a subscription this year.



zezhyrule said:

It looks like it's an ad saying that those PS3 games are 22.49 for PS+ members and 29.99 for everyone else, if only the text in the yellow bubble wasn't there



Ginkgo said:

This offer looks real and is available in Australia as well. However, as usual the AU customers are completely screwed over.
Instead of £22.99 at an exchange rate of 1.54 = $34.63 AUD, Sony has decided to charge Australian the comparable $52.99! Thanks Sony.

I would love someone to explain why fees that don't even require a download are 53% more expensive in Australia. Sony must think that we are stupid.

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