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Rumour: Sorcery Studio Is Building Borderlands 2 DLC

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Gearbox has some fairly aggressive DLC plans in place for Borderlands 2 – and it looks like it’s enlisting on the assistance of fellow studios to help achieve its aims. According to online super sleuth Superannuation, Sorcery developer The Workshop is working on an expansion based on Borderlands 2’s fictional Torgue weapons manufacturer.

A slew of The Workshop employees have listed the content on their resumes, including one level designer who hinted that the expansion boasts more than 10 hours of gameplay. Adding to the evidence, alerted workers are gradually beginning to take the information offline. Whoops.


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rjejr said:

They're getting help from the guys who made Sorcery? Since this is a FPS wouldn' t hey be better off getting help from the guys who made the Resistance or Killzone franchises?



Paranoimia said:

This sort of thing has happened quite a lot in recent years. You'd think by now people would have learned not to add stuff to public resumes until after the product is made public.

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