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PS Plus Subscribers Get Cheap Admission to the Tokyo Jungle

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wild thing

North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to sample the feral future of Japan at a discounted price point, Sony has announced. Premium members will be able to snap up the hotly anticipated Tokyo Jungle at just $11.99 – a significant saving over the title’s standard $14.99 admission fee.

Other upcoming offers include a similar 20 per cent discount on Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and Starhawk’s full single-player campaign for free. In addition, all subscribers will get the Starhawk add-ons pack – which augments a selection of new skins, paint schemes and more – at no extra cost.

You can peruse the full breakdown of content through here.


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Splat said:

With Starhawk being only the single-player campaign will there still be trophies?

I'm not sure how it works when you don't get the full game.



hamispink said:

I was hoping that Hell Yeah! would be free, but I am very interested in tokyo jungle. though I'll need to look into it more before I'm ready to put down $12.
(That sounds like a pretty ridiculous first world problem now that I think about it.)



ohhaime said:

The single and multiplayer download both share the same trophy list and you can earn trophies even if you only have one version.Both the downloads also share the same trophy list as the retail version. So if you have it on disk you won't earn double trophies.



Azikira said:

I absolutely adore Starhawks. Will pick up a digital copy, and reign terror as Sweet Tooth once more!



rjejr said:

Hey Sammy, thanks for putting "NA" in the first sentence.

Is Starhawk single player an actual game or just a bunch of tutorials? I never played Warhawk b/c it was multiplayer only. I'm playing Boaderlands now and despite my dislike of FPS and multiplayer it's pretty fun. Well except for that Catch a Ride glitch which drove me crazy for a day.

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