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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty! Coming to PS3 and Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Oddball remake on the way

After months of teasing, Just Add Water has finally raised the curtain on Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty! – its complete overhaul of the popular 1997 PSone favourite. Speaking at a panel during the Eurogamer Expo earlier today, the studio revealed that the game will take advantage of a new 3D engine with an enhanced lighting system. It will still play like a traditional 2D platformer, however.

A few tweaks have been added to give the game a more modern feel. Subtle camera movements have been included to showcase more of the environment, while the perspective will actually change as you begin to run faster. Naturally, the flip screens from the original have also been removed.

In fact, it’s the deduction of the latter that’s actually forced Just Add Water to be a little more creative with the remake: "In the original game, the fifth screen into it, there was a sleeping Slig,” Just Add Water’s Stewart Gilray told “When you walked into the screen he woke up. To reset it you just walked off screen and came back on screen again creeping. We don't have flip screens anymore, so we've made it so he times out. Say he walks around for 10 seconds and you haven't moved, he won't have heard anything and will go back to sleep again.

"It's little things like that. We've not changed it. We've just modernised it because it's not a flip screen game anymore." Other tweaks include the addition of a Quick Save system and some modifications to the puzzles to make them more “friendly”.

Just Add Water’s not offering a specific release date for the remake just yet, but it has promised that the full game will hit PlayStation 3 and Vita this time next year. Who’s excited?


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Stuffgamer1 said:

Took me a bit to figure out what they meant by "flip screen." He means static screens that change when you move between them as opposed to a camera that just follows you over a larger environment, right? Interesting change...I never played the original game, but I did watch a playthrough online. Looked too awkward to enjoy; maybe this remake will fix the issues.



KingGhidorah said:

Great news, I loved the Oddworld games back in the day. I'll certainly be getting this for my Vita.



AG_Awesome said:

What about that FPS Oddworld game that was going to come out? Any word on that?



Folderoll said:

Interested to see if this is full price. Especially given the original is on the ps1 store...

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