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Nurture Your Own Ecosystem in Ecolibrium on Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

Flora and fauna

Bizarre ecosystem simulator Ecolibrium is set to launch on the PlayStation Vita in Europe tomorrow, publisher Sony has announced. The free application challenges you to “maintain harmony within your own created environment”.

You’ll need to select complementary plants, animals and artefacts in order to balance your world. Make a mistake, and you’ll be forced to either feed your animals manually or discard them into the ether using the Vita’s location-based Near application.

Those of you that own a 3G-enabled handheld will be able to hunt for new animals using the console’s GPS. Alternatively, you’ll be able to bid for new breeds in player-to-player auctions. Oh, and just in case you wondered – the game does have Trophies.


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ShogunRok said:

I only just heard about this today, but it looks interesting. And it's free!



Jamouse said:

It seems to have a fair amount of content. I just hope that the game play is actually fun.

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