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Killzone HD Fires onto PlayStation Network Next Month

Posted by Sammy Barker


You won’t need to pick up a copy of the Killzone Trilogy in order to play the re-mastered version of the franchise’s debut – Killzone HD is also set to explode onto the PlayStation Store. The popular PS2 title will be available as a standalone release on 23rd October in North America and 24th October in Europe. In addition to overhauled visuals, it will also boast full Trophy support.

Developer Guerrilla Games has been kind enough to share the full roster of trinkets over on the PlayStation Blog. Yes, it includes a Platinum Trophy. Other improvements include modernised controls, enhanced textures, anti-aliasing and higher quality sound effects. However, it’s probably worth pointing out that, visual improvements aside, the original Killzone was a touch rough at launch.

Still, seeing as most players got their introduction to the series with Killzone 2, this is certain to be a nice throwback piece. Is it in your sights?


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MadchesterManc said:

I waited a couple of years for this, chatting on forums n scouring the net for info. When release day came I obviously picked it up n enjoyed it. A little rough around the edges on Ps2 (couldve done with a couple of extra months optimising lol) but it definitely had the style n story to keep one interested. Ill be buying this just for the HD n technical improvements any news on multiplayer? I put a bit of time into the original online on Ps2, but I haven't heard anything about it for the HD remaster



Gamer83 said:

Eventhough it had some big flaws, I really enjoyed the original Killzone. I liked the pacing and that you could switch up the characters for a different gameplay style. Considering this is an FPS there was also a nice variety in the environments and a surprisingly decent story. On a technical level, KZ 2 is probably the best in the series, it's definitely a fantastic game, but I think the original is still my favorite. I already have KZ 2 and 3 on disc and still have some harddrive space to work with so I'll be getting this as a download for sure. Looking forward to playing through it again.



get2sammyb said:

Personally, the PSP game is my favourite in the series — but I'd put Killzone 2 in second. I'm afraid the original's last for me, but I agree, I liked the ability to switch characters too.



pikku said:

How does it control? I dunno what the full game felt like, but I just could not get into Killzone 2 because it's controls felt so laggy, especially compared to the gorgeous Killzone 3.



irken004 said:

@pikky They updated them to a style like KZ2's and KZ3's controls.

And this has no online multiplayer but does have local multiplayer with bots.



pikku said:

Ah okay, thanks. I'll definitely buy it sometime (as well as 2 now that they apparently fixed it when i'm not as bogged down by schoolwork @_@

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