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Final Fantasy III Completes Your Digital Collection Next Week

Posted by Sammy Barker

Catch 'em all

For a franchise wearing the name Final Fantasy, there sure are a lot of entries in the series. Most of those titles are available from the PlayStation Network – but there’s been one major omission for some time now. That’s set to be rectified next week, when Final Fantasy III travels onto the North American digital storefront.

The PSP re-release will include optimised widescreen visuals, an image gallery, the option to switch between original and re-mastered audio, and an auto-battle system that supposedly “doubles the speed of combat”.

There’s no word on a price, or whether it will work on the Vita just yet – but we have to imagine SCEA has some semblance of sense.


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belmont said:

I want to complete my digital FF collection! Has anyone heard if FF3 will be publised in Europe?

As far as the DS version is concerned the game has bad 3D graphics but was fun. I don't think that a 3D game on DS could be better though, this should be on PSP from the start, FF1,2,4 look great on PSP. Sometime later the DS version of FF3 was ported in ipad with somewhat upscaled graphics. What we now get is the port of the ipad version.



Samholy said:

FF4 on Ds was amazing! the best final fantasy remake
never played this one yet, III. else than a translated nes rom years ago, which was halfway trnaslated....



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Samholy: Really? I didn't like that version all that much...FFIV Complete on PSP is far better IMO, and not just because it includes After Years (though that obviously doesn't hurt).

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