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Fan-Made WipEout Album Pays Tribute to Psygnosis

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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It surprised many when Sony shut down Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis and developer of one of the most iconic game series on Sony's systems, WipEout. The most recent entry, WipEout 2048, is one of the best titles on Vita, but the fate of the franchise is unclear now that its driving force has been disbanded.

For many, however, the WipEout series is treasured as one of the most consistent and enjoyable set of racing games available. One fan, Shiryu, has been hard at work on a free 33-track digital album that features remixes and adaptations of music from the series. It was initially started as a celebration album, but has since become a tribute due to its completion just a few days before Studio Liverpool's closure was confirmed.

If you'd like to download this album, simple click here to access the zip file, while you can see a full track list and details at There's a trailer below, as well, for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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Shiryu said:

Hope you guys enjoy! Sony, what are you thinking, I do wonder these past few days...



Damo said:

@Shiryu - We've got something Wipeout-related going up on the site soon, so keep your eyes peeled...



Kimiko said:

Ah, another Shiryu album. The preview sounds better than the previous The Wipeout Generation, so I'll be sure to download this as well.

You know, I've never actually played a Wipeout game (and I'd probably suck at it anyway), but I got to know one of my favorite bands, Fluke, through their exposure from being featured in one of the games ("Atom Bomb", in case you hadn't guessed).



Slapshot said:

@Shiryu Thanks (again!) man. I've played the previous album on my Vita so many times over it's ridiculous!



Kimiko said:

Yep, that's the one.

Are you aware that 2/3 of Fluke continued as 2 Bit Pie after 2003's Puppy, and released another album titled 2 Pie Island in 2006? It's pretty good.

Speaking of pretty good, I love this soundtrack, Shiryu ^_^
In places I was reminded of the soundtrack of Corpse Party (, the Precursors remixes of the Ur-Quan Masters soundtrack (, and of some old synth music by a band called Nova ( I'm probably dating myself quite badly with that last one though..



Shiryu said:

@Kimiko My pleasure, enjoy.

@Slapshot I was not aware of that, I shall do my best to check that album out! Preety good stuff the remixes of Ur-Quan Masters, I didn't have all of their albums, fixing that right now. As for Nova don't worry, my 34th birthday is coming up, so at least you're not old alone. Glad you enjoyed the album.

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