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Eufloria Adventures Blossoms onto PlayStation Mobile

Posted by Sammy Barker

Setting roots

We’re gradually beginning to learn a little more about what we can expect from PlayStation Mobile – and, by extension, the titles we can look forward to playing. One such experience set to join the growing roster of launch games is Eufloria Adventures, a follow-up to last year’s PSN release by Omni Systems.

The sequel will feature brand new gameplay mechanics with a focus on exploration and customisation. As with all PlayStation Mobile titles, the game will be playable on both the PlayStation Vita and a slew of other PlayStation Certified devices.

Chatting with Gamasutra, Omni's Rudolf Kremers explained that the company enjoys working with Sony. "I think PlayStation [Mobile] is a really smart and likeable move by Sony," he said. "Personally I find the Vita a stupendous handheld gaming device and to open it up to indie developers is exactly what it needs to set itself apart. Original indie games with a strong personal identity on a fantastic piece of kit? Seems to me the right approach."

Eufloria Adventures will launch later this year alongside the PlayStation Mobile platform.


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ThreadShadow said:

Another game to add to my Vita wish list. Someday, i'll get a Vita, and topple the tiny list. Looking forward to this. Wonder if it will eventually appear on PS3?

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