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DLC Characters Discovered on Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Disc

Posted by Sammy Barker

No Gon, sorry

A group of hackers with plenty of time on their hands have discovered a slew of unannounced Tekken Tag Tournament 2 characters hidden on the fighter’s disc. Newcomers include Dr. Bosconovitch, former boss Unknown, a skinny version of Bob, the inappropriately dressed Miharu, Lilli’s butler Sebastian, and the stylish Violet.

While the characters are included on the game’s disc, it appears they aren’t accessible through gameplay. Instead, they’ll be released as DLC – but don’t fret, publisher Namco Bandai has promised that all future Tekken Tag Tournament 2 character unlocks will be free. Still, if they’re on the disc, it’s a bit frustrating that they’re not available from launch.


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DarkKirby said:

Pretty sure Namco announced they do not believe in and will not sell on disk DLC after the Street Fighter x Tekken fiasco of Capcom selling 1/3 of the entire game that was already on the disk as DLC. Let's see if they hold up to their word.



Dr_Salvador said:

Not to be picky but Dr. Bosconovitch was also a secret character in Tekken 3! Actually a pretty funny character and very hard to control!

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