When SEGA announced Kazuma Kiryu’s adopted daughter Haruka Sawamura was going to be a playable character in upcoming PS3 exclusive Yakuza 5, we pondered how the mild mannered teenager was going to play. We figured the former Tojo Clan chairman might have taught her the art of self-defence, but worried that fighting didn't suit her personality. Now we have a much clearer idea.

As opposed to fighting with her fists, Haruka will engage in dance battles against rival idols. You’ll have to complete rhythm mini-games based on five different musical genres: hip-hop, house, idol, jazz and rock. As in other Yakuza games, building up a meter will allow you to unleash special Heat moves – though we’re guessing these won’t involve smashing goons' faces onto the pavement.

There have been some tweaks to Yakuza 5’s traditional fighting mechanics, too. Instead of loading into separate battle arenas, fights will now break out seamlessly as you explore the world. It’s an improvement that fans of the series have been longing for ever since the franchise made the jump onto PS3.

There’s still no release date attached to Yakuza 5, but it’s expected in Japan later this year. We’ll be importing, but we’re still crossing everything for a localisation.

[via andriasang.com]