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Who Fancies Some Lumines: Electronic Symphony DLC?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Q Entertainment would love to make some DLC for Vita launch title Lumines: Electronic Symphony. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like publisher Ubisoft shares its enthusiasm. As such, the studio's taken to Facebook to drum up some interest in the hypothetical expansion.

"Who wants some DLC?" the company asked on its profile wall. “This is not something that's planned at the moment, but if enough people say 'yeah' maybe Ubisoft will greenlight an HD recreation of 'Shinin''? Dare to dream."

Over 200 people have already liked the idea, with many citing their excitement in the post’s comments section. You know what you need to do.


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Squiggle55 said:

I finally got the zone 5 trophy the other day, it should have been a gold one. 30 squares in 30 seconds was pretty hard too. I would love DLC that adds online vs. I would buy that in a second because it would greatly extend the life of the game. I'm not sure if I would just buy a new skin or two. Maybe if it was cheap and the music rocked. But more modes and online is what this game needs.

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