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Vita Firmware v1.80 Adds Touch Controls to PSP Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

New ways to play

The PlayStation Vita’s latest firmware update comes bundled with a bevy of hidden features. Amongst them is the ability to assign touch controls to PSP games. We’re not quite sure what the purpose of this addition is, but we suppose someone will find a use for it. After all, more options are always better than less.

You can access the super secret feature by holding down the touch screen while playing any PSP game. A window will then pop up, allowing you to assign a button to any four corners of the Vita’s screen. Try to contain your excitement.

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Mandoble said:

But you only can assign the four corners of the front touch screen mapped as the standard buttons, sadly you cannot map the back panel which would be a way better option. While you control the movement and the camera with your thumbs you would be able to use the back panel to perform any other action in monster hunters (for example).



hYdeks said:

cool, how about making all the psp games on psn available on vita already?



Firejonie said:

That's nice, never expected that. Do PS Minis count for this?, as they technically are PSP games



thebluelight1 said:

might be useful for putting Start and Select in the middle of the console, I don't really like where they are just now.

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