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SunFlowers Lights Up PlayStation Vita This Fall

Posted by Sammy Barker

Growing pains

If you’ve been yearning for some more bitesized software on the PlayStation Vita, then The Game Atelier’s SunFlowers should keep you occupied until PlayStation Mobile launches later this year. The colourful arcade title sees you attempting to grow flowers by shooting sun rays through passing clouds. Nail your timing and you’ll create water, which in turn helps the plants to grow. Make a mistake, though, and there’s a chance you’ll burn your crops.

The full game will feature multiple difficulty levels, leaderboards and various different seasons. You’ll also be able to peruse the title’s 330 plants in a virtual garden, and share any you’ve collected with friends via Near.

The digital download’s due out later this year exclusively on Vita. There’s no word on a price point, but the developer promises it’ll be affordable.


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naruball said:

Brilliant indeed. I might end buying psn only games for vita. So far, Mutant Blobs and Sound shapes have been perferct for vita and so will this.

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