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Sony Confirms That It's Still Backing 3D Technology

Posted by Sammy Barker

Delving a little deeper

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe executive Jim Ryan has confirmed that the company is still backing 3D, even if it rarely touches upon the technology these days. "I wouldn't read too much into its omission," he told CVG. "We spoke about it at E3 two years ago and everyone put their glasses on for the first time, and the next year we did the same and everyone did it again. There comes a time when you don't need to talk about it anymore.”

Nevertheless, Ryan was keen to point out that Sony will continue to implement 3D into games “where it makes sense”. Upcoming titles like LittleBigPlanet Karting and God of War: Ascension will support the technology. Is 3D something that still interests you?


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ComicBookGuy said:

I love the technology but the content sux. I want things to truly engage me in 3D and pop out at me. Things should be made with 3D in mind otherwise it's just a stale "depth effect", which definitely isn't worth the loss in definition...



hYdeks said:

3D is great at first put the novelty wares off. Plus it starts to hurt my eyes when I play a game for a long time and than look away from the screen



NathanUC said:

Games like Killzone 3 and GT5 are so much better in 3D imo. I wish more games would not only include 3D, but QUALITY 3D.



Paranoimia said:

I can't say 3D still interests me, because it never has. Vastly over-rated and completely unnecessary.

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