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Rumour: Plants vs. Zombies Shooter in Development

Posted by Sammy Barker


Plants vs. Zombies may be known for its light hearted take on tower defence, but publisher EA is looking to transform the franchise into a shooter. A report by video game sleuth Superannuation notes that Need for Speed: The Run developer EA Black Box is working on the console conversion.

A job listing on the developer’s website offers an approximation of what to expect, noting that it is in pursuit of designers capable of creating "extremely fun and polished multiplayer maps". The studio’s also looking for artists with experience "working with a cartoon style and tone".

Apparently, series creator PopCap has yet to give its final approval on the project – meaning there’s still a chance that it might not see the light of day. We’re not sure whether that would be a good thing. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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CommanderAudio said:


If you see it, call 999 immediately. Do not approach it. Do not talk to it. Stay away from it



rjejr said:

I remember playing lots and lots of Peggle and I kept reading about a tower defense game where zombies attack plants. It was the stupidest thing Ild ever heard of. Then it came out and I bought it for every system I have - PC, PS3, iPod Touch and DSI. Not saying the shooter will be good, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

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