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Rumour: Crash Bandicoot Could be Spinning into PS All-Stars

Posted by Sammy Barker

Loose proof

Crash Bandicoot may seem like an obvious addition to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but the character’s complicated ownership has cast doubt over his inclusion. Despite being considered the platform’s mascot in the PSone days, third-party publisher Activision actually owns the rights to the wacky protagonist. That’s a problem.

However, a fairly innocent exchange between a fan and Activision’s support department may have accidently outed the character’s inclusion. Responding to the enthusiast’s hope that Crash Bandicoot makes it into the fighter, the publisher said: “We hope so too. [Developer] SuperBot Entertainment will have more information on this.”

It’s far from a confirmation, but Activision has since removed the Tweet indicating that it has something to hide. Coincidentally, PAX Prime is set to kick off on the anniversary of Crash Bandicoot’s debut later this week. We know SuperBot Entertainment’s set to announce a new character during the show – is it wrong to dream?


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shonenjump86 said:

Crash Bandicoot games were my favorite games back on the PS1. It would be nice if Crash was in this game.



hamispink said:

I really hope that crash makes it into the game, but even as a huge spyro game fan, I don't see how he could translate into a fighting game.

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