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Rockstar Serves Up New Grand Theft Auto V Screens

Posted by Sammy Barker

Anyone for tennis?

You can always count on Rockstar to turn the day upside down. The publisher has released another batch of Grand Theft Auto V images this afternoon, this time focusing on leisure activities such as tennis and parachuting.

If you missed the last set of screens, you can find them through here. There's still no date attached to the open-world adventure, but we get the feeling that something is brewing at Rockstar HQ.

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Sanquine said:

I hope this game is more like GTA: San Andreas and vice city. IF it is more like GTA IV i will be dissapointed



get2sammyb said:

I loved Grand Theft Auto IV too, but I don't think I could go back and play it now. Even though the world is incredible, the gameplay is unbelievable tedious these days. In that regard, Sleeping Dogs is way ahead of GTA.



Sanquine said:

@kickitup97 Just like skyrim the succesor of oblivion i did not like the atmosphere and the missions. Story is really important. As with oblivion i think the story and the atmosphere was far more better in vice city and san andreas ( the vibe). To be clear i did not hate GTA IV but it was not as fun as the previous GTA ( IMO).

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