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PlayStation Vita Has Sold 2.2 Million Units Since Launch

Posted by Sammy Barker

Don't overreact

Sony has sent the cynics and naysayers into overdrive this evening by confirming that the PlayStation Vita has sold just 2.2 million units worldwide. The figure was originally quoted by, but has since been confirmed by Joystiq. "The latest figures we've released for Vita (as of June 30th) are 2.2 million sales worldwide," the platform holder told the website.

The last update we got on Vita sales was back in May, when company overlord Kaz Hirai confirmed that the system had sold 1.8 million units. That means it sold a further 400k units in May and June.

To put things into perspective, the 3DS had sold 1.4 million units more than the Vita at the time it got its emergency price-cut. Its install base is currently triple that of Sony’s latest handheld – but it does, of course, have an extra year on the market in its favour.

Still, things aren’t looking good. The Vita has a pretty decent line-up of software on the horizon, but it’s starting to feel like the platform holder needs to make a big statement in order to reverse the system’s fortunes. And even then, it’s going to be a huge challenge.


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get2sammyb said:

Hmmm. This really isn't good. Still absolutely loving mine, though. And — unlike everyone else — I haven't run out of things to play either.



IAmNotWill said:

Vita need games. And a price drop. Otherwise I can't see this thing succeeding. I would definitely pick one up whenever that happens.



get2sammyb said:

@IAmNotWill I get that that it needs a big tent-pole franchise or two like Final Fantasy or Monster Hunter, but, realistically, I resent this argument that it has "no games". We've given 14 Vita games a score of 8/10 or above on this website. How much time/money do people realistically have?



XCWarrior said:

Not really suprised. It's still $250 + the cost of the "SD card" esqe thing to save, right? That's not cheap. I didn't get a 3DS until the price drop.

Honestly I just want a PSP for like $50 so I can play some PSP Monster Hunter. But they are still over $100 which is just wrong.



ShogunRok said:

Vita has games but the current ones don't keep me engaged for long. Got FIFA Football at launch, finished it, went back to FIFA 12 on PS3. Got Dynasty Warrios Next, finished it, nothing else to do. Got Wipeout 2048, finished it, pretty much nothing to do afterwards. All good games, but you can kind of tell they're launch games based on the content/ variety of content.

Case in point (and this is the honest to god truth), I took my Vita on holiday with me, along with all three games and their cases. I left them in the cottage I stayed in - and only just today (again, this is the honest truth) the owner of said cottage sent them to me in the post. That's right, I had completely forgot about them and only now, after 2 weeks, I'm reminded of my Vita games because I just got them back in the post. Life would have continued fine without them, as bad as that sounds.

I love my little Vita but it needs some sort of huge game I can sink hundreds of hours of free time into. Plus this article was just screaming for me to post my story... sorry.



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok Everybody's Golf and Lumines are brimming with longevity. I don't think the issue you described is exclusive to Vita, though — all platforms have games with limited replay value.



ShogunRok said:

@get2sammyb I agree with that, it's really more a personal taste thing for me. Personally none of the games I mentioned have managed to keep my attention on the console - it's as simple as that - so I end up gaming on other systems instead.

I will say this though, most of the time I have spent on Vita has been playing PSP games, namely Everybody's Tennis and Dissidia. The Vita just needs something big. I'm hoping PlayStation All Stars will fill the gap.



Magi said:

I love my Vita. I bought mine at launch and don't regret it. At the time, I thought the price was fair. The price of memory cards however is a whole different story. I had a handful of "free" Gamestop gift cards that I used to purchase my memory card and three games which made the overall price much more palatable. I can definately see where they should at least include a 4gb or 8gb memory card with the portable at its existing price.

As for games, I purchased Hot Shots Golf, Uncharted, and WipeOut at launch. Since then, I've picked up Escape Plan, Super Stardust, P3P (blecht!), and a few other PSN games. I've still got a pretty good host of PS1 classics I can't wait to transition to the Vita on the 28th. Oh and I picked up Unit 13 over the weekend (it's great!). I've finished exactly ZERO of them, but I like them all. There are still some existing games I'd like to get my hands on as well as a few on my radar that aren't out yet.

tl;dr Love my Vita even at $250. Granted, included mem cards would have been nice. For me, there are more Vita games that I want to play than I have available time.



Sanquine said:

I also love my vita<3 i bought the second one just a week ago ( Yes , i have 2 vita's). I have almost 20 titles on the thing :D the second one i use for downloadable games. I think the vita is fair priced. I am now playing sound shapes! I love the community levels. Futhermore , i love playing unit 13 which is an underrated game... and the psp game monster hunter freedom unite ( My second monster hunter game... The first one was on ps2 but then i could not understand the english language.. Im not an american or someone from great britian , so i had to learn... Still not great)



Squiggle55 said:

I love my Vita too. I actually pick it up a lot more often than my 3DS lately. Can't wait for Retro City Rampage, Zen Pinball, LBP, Killzone and Ratchet & Clank. I'm very satisfied with what's coming. Those games are more than enough for me. It's just a shame that big third party franchises probably won't show up at all (or have proper care given to them) unless people start buying the system, or Sony pulls a big bribe out of their hat.



nickcarney said:

3DS is at 19M shipped. I don't know how that converts into units sold but I'm sure it's more than 6.6M. Anyone know?



turtlelink said:

If the Vita has no games, than the 3DS but have none either. I have more games for my Vita that I actually play than I do for my 3DS. :P



Slapshot said:

I picked up a 3DS XL yesterday, and the thing is brilliant. The screens are huge and the ever-growing catalog just keeps getting better.

I said that to say this: Before the 3DS XL, there was no reason for a Vita price cut. The original 3DS had some major issues — most importantly, the tiny 3D screen. But now that the 3DS XL is on the market and ships with a 4GB memory card in the box for $199, and to me personally, it's the better deal. I fear that if Sony doesn't cut the price before the holidays, the 3DS XL is going to suck away the majority of steam that it will most certainly gain during the buying season. Vita has a handful of great titles coming out before then to help encourage sells, but the 3DS has some major hits releasing as well.

Vita is most certainly worth its asking price, but if it's not selling at the current price, then it has to come down. We all watched Sony sit on their high horse with the PS3's price tag and if they don't watch it, they're going to be rowing in the exact same boat again.

Sorry, just being my brutally honest self as usual. :)



Chunky_Droid said:

"We've given 14 Vita games a score of 8/10 or above on this website. How much time/money do people realistically have?"

Keep in mind that not everyone buys games just because they're rated 8/10 or higher, and I believe 4 of those are available on PS3, which most people would probably rather pick up.

I have a Vita myself, and the only thing I've bought for it so far is Touch My Katamari, which I've now finished. I am now hoping for something decent to come along in PS+, as I can't justify the price tag for half the games I'm even half interested in.



Gamer83 said:

The Vita is awesome but just like the PSP it's going to run second in the handheld race to Nintendo's system. That's fine, it can still be highly successful for Sony but I do think a price drop is needed fairly soon. The AC Liberation bundle is nice for the holidays but after that, at least a $50 price cut should happen.



JavierYHL said:

yup nintendo is making sure sony cant even have a bite of the portable pie and sony isnt doing anythind much...dun they understand the vita needs jrpgs?



Savino said:

Not beating nintendo in the handheld field doesnt mean failure. 70 millions psp is enogh proof!
Its just impossible to compete with portable pokemons...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@get2sammyb: High review scores do not automatically translate into consumer interest. You could put the best fighting game of all time on the Vita and I still wouldn't give a crap because I HATE FIGHTING GAMES! The vast majority of the Vita's existing game library fails to appeal to me, resulting in my owning only TWO retail games and three downloaded ones (one of which was free). The next game I'm interested in seems to have dropped off the face of the Western world (New Little King's Story), and even the original DS and Wii have more reservable titles at GameStop than the Vita.

This machine needs help, badly. The announcements at GamesCom may help to a certain extent, but I still think they need some amount of price dropping (system, memory cards, or preferably both) in order to pick up sales. Fact is, most consumers nowadays will prioritize smart phones and tablets above dedicated game systems, and they don't exactly have infinite cash. A game machine needs to be priced competitively to be noticed, ESPECIALLY one marketing itself to the more "mature" crowd. Nintendo's only doing so well right now thanks to the price drop and family-friendly appeal.



hydeks said:

the vita is a great system, people just need a "must have" game to push them to getting it. Also, Sony needs to make bundles (well, more bundles, assassins creeds is coming out october) that way people at least get memory card with the system, and a free game. So far that's my biggest problem, the system is $249 and most games need a memory card, which u immediately need to buy seperate and than still a game. That gets to be a very steep price for a handheld :S Also, Sony needs to get the PSP games on PSN to ALL work on the system also, PSOne games are a nice start though.

@StuffGamer1 I complete disagree with you. You seem judgemental and a Nintendo fan, so that doesn't help your opinion, but theres been more games on the Vita so far (even with the real lack of an "must have" one) that are pleasing to me compared to the 3DS games out so far, and that system has been out for over a year!!! Basic it comes down to this: If you like Nintendo, you'll get Nintendo, if your use to only Nintendo handhelds, you probably get Nintendo, but if your a Sony fan, the Vita is a mighty tempting system. I think I would easily trade me 3DS in if it was to get a Vita, that's just MY opinion as an adult gamer though.

Also keep in mind, lots of lil kids get/have Nintendo portables...and I mean LOTS of them. Grown up usually prefer playing games on a tv :P



dirtyplastic said:

The vita is the best hand held ever, or could be the best. The vita does not need a price cut, and has plenty of good games. What the vita needs is a decent ad campaign, People who do not read the gaming media have no idea Vita is out there and no idea what it can do. Sony really need to push the vita, with some ad's showing in game footage. As bad as the nintendo 3ds xl ad's are, at least there are some and in prime tv slots aswell.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@hydeks: Funny thing is, I AM a Sony fan. Love my PS3 to death, and bought the Vita day one specifically for Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Sure, I'm also a Nintendo fan (not impossible), but I'm honestly only critiquing the Vita in the hopes that it'll improve, because it's a great machine.

As far as tastes in games go, you're not the only person I know who has more Vita games than 3DS games...but I personally don't get it at all. Even more bizarre to me are folk who have more PSP than DS games. But again, there's no accounting for taste. I will admit to being VERY judgmental with regards to some things, such as the fighting game genre (barf).

I do agree completely with your last statement, though, and that's really the biggest challenge Vita faces: the market they're aiming for mostly doesn't even want portable gaming in the first place. :P



get2sammyb said:

Of course high review scores don't translate immediately to consumer interest. I'm merely stating that there's a whopping pool of content to pick from. I guess if none of it appeals, then I wouldn't recommend the system at all. But realistically, I have to imagine at least five of those 14 games appeal to people reading this website.

Considering the console's been out for about six months, I'd say that's a pretty good statistic.



Stuffgamer1 said: which 14 titles are they? 'Cause if Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Stardust Delta, Plants vs. Zombies, and Motorstorm RC are all included...well, yes, I have at least five of them. ;)

EDIT: Looked it up myself, and yes, all five of those titles have 8/10 or higher on this site. Your point is validated, sir. I have met your minimum specs with my ENTIRE Vita library.



rjejr said:

I think the Vita needs a price cut because - and Sony may not get this part - we live in a world where people don't buy electronics until the price cut. Except for Apple products, though those original iPhone buyers were peeved enough that SJ gave them all $100 back. Which in my mind also cemented the idea that electronics will drop in price, and that's when people buy them. Only the Wii avoided this, and that's b/c it was $250 and the 2 systems it was competing against cost $400 and $600, so it sort of had a price cut at launch.

In Sony's defense, the thing only came out in Feb., and most people buy high priced electronics at Christmas, so it makes sense they wait until next Feb. and March to see how sales are doing to determine the price cut. And Nintendo may have helped them by releasing the XL at $200, closer in price to the Vita. And nobody knows what the WiiU will cost, so Sony may be keeping that in mind. Plus there is the mysterious "Slimmer" PS3, maybe Sony would rather have people buy that than a Vita. There are only so many $ to go around, even Santa has limits.

That said, Sony can keep the $250 price if they want, but they need a 4GB memory card (like the 3DS XL), 3 month PS+ code, and "Little Deviants" in the box. If they don't have a holiday bundle like that then they honestly don't care if the Vita sells or not.



hydeks said:

@Stuffgamer1 ok, I would definitely agree with you NOW than lol I actually don't own a Vita which makes things pretty amusing, but I own a 3DS, weird huh? I don't know, I've PLAYED more vita games than 3ds, I guess I've been waiting for more incentive too than a fighting games, which seem to be vita's main genre right now. I think when LBP comes, I'll get a Vita, till than 3DS with Kid Icarus and Super Mario 3D Land seem to be my mobile obsession. I think Nintendo just has the protable market SOOOO locked up that Sony will only ever get a tiny share of that market.

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