Sony has sent the cynics and naysayers into overdrive this evening by confirming that the PlayStation Vita has sold just 2.2 million units worldwide. The figure was originally quoted by, but has since been confirmed by Joystiq. "The latest figures we've released for Vita (as of June 30th) are 2.2 million sales worldwide," the platform holder told the website.

The last update we got on Vita sales was back in May, when company overlord Kaz Hirai confirmed that the system had sold 1.8 million units. That means it sold a further 400k units in May and June.

To put things into perspective, the 3DS had sold 1.4 million units more than the Vita at the time it got its emergency price-cut. Its install base is currently triple that of Sony’s latest handheld – but it does, of course, have an extra year on the market in its favour.

Still, things aren’t looking good. The Vita has a pretty decent line-up of software on the horizon, but it’s starting to feel like the platform holder needs to make a big statement in order to reverse the system’s fortunes. And even then, it’s going to be a huge challenge.