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PES 2013 Secures Licensed Brazilian Teams

Posted by Sammy Barker


Who cares about the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A when you’ve got 20 officially licensed Brazilian teams? That’s the positive attitude Konami’s being forced to adopt for PES 2013, noting that the addition of teams like Corinthians and São Paulo helps to create “the most authentic soccer experience available on the market”.

Sure, aside from the fact that it doesn’t have half of the teams you’d actually want to play as.

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get2sammyb said:

@JavierYHL Bizarrely there isn't. It's coming to PS3, PSP and PS2. Konami's said that it's working on a Vita version for next year. Thankfully, FIFA's still coming out.



Savino said:

Gaaaaaaaaaalo! Lele ô lele ô galooooooo!
Finally I can play with my team!!! (atletico mineiro)



Savino said:

Now I just wanna know why in the hell they put an spanish song in the trailer!!!

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