SEGA has released a batch of images of some of the members of Yakuza 5's Tojo Clan, including series veterans Goro Majima and Daigo Dojima, as well as three new characters Yuu Morinaga, Masato Aizawa and Minoru Aoyama, which you can see in the screenshots section below.

Goro Majima, also known as 'Mad Dog Majima', made his debut in the original Yakuza. Compared to the other images, Majima is the only character who doesn't seem to have greatly aged since the last title.

Daigo Dojima made his first appearance in Yakuza 2, travelling with Kiryu to Kansai to settle a score between another clan. According to Daigo's voice actor, Satoshi Tokushige, his character has a rather high line count in Yakuza's latest offering, hinting at a larger role for Daigo in Yakuza 5.

Not much is known about the three new characters, except that Yuu Morinaga acts as Chairman Daigo Dojima's bodyguard. Hopefully SEGA will release more information about them in the coming weeks, as well as an update on the five playable characters in Yakuza 5, featuring series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, Shun Akiyama, Haruka Sawamura, Taiga Saejima and Tatsuo Shinda.