Joe Danger may have made the best career change in his life. The likeable stuntman was just about getting by on his faithful dirt bike, but now he’s being signed up to star in a multitude of big-screen blockbusters.

This brand new Joe Danger 2: The Movie trailer shows the disproportionate protagonist chasing criminals, riding mine carts and mastering unicycles. Our hero can do it all apparently.

The game will feature over 100 stages, 50 characters and 20 vehicles. Each level represents a single scene from a bigger movie, and upon completing each act you’ll be rewarded with a short trailer outlining what you’ve done. Brilliant idea, huh?

You’ll also be able to create your own levels and share them online. Oh, and there’s a competitive multiplayer component too.

Developer Hello Games is still being coy about when Joe Danger 2: The Movie will actually take to the stage, but it’s promising a 2012 release. Based on the evidence of this trailer, it can’t come soon enough.