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Closure Could Still Illuminate European PlayStation Store

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Quirky black and white PSN puzzler Closure could still release on the European PlayStation Store, developer Tyler Glaiel has revealed. The indie hit released in North America earlier this year, but has been missing overseas ever since.

"The PS3 EU version is missing because it was taking far too long to get the details for that worked out, and we decided we should focus on the PC launch instead since that will be global. It still may come out on the EU PSN eventually,” Glaiel told

This won't come as a surprise to European readers – SCEE has been a barrier between timely digital releases for the entirety of this generation. Let's just hope it gets its pipeline in order ahead of the PlayStation 4.


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ThreadShadow said:

So far as I've played this is a great game. Tell you what...we'll let you have this game if you let us have the Arkedo 3, deal?

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