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Borderlands 2 Season Pass Offers Four DLC Packs for $30

Posted by Sammy Barker

Good deal

Borderlands 2 will receive at least four DLC packs between release and next summer, publisher 2K Games has announced. Each expansion will cost you $9.99, or you’ll be able to purchase all four up front as part of the title’s season pass. That will set you back a discounted $29.99.

Season pass holders will be able to download the new content as soon as it goes live, with all of scheduled packs set to be released by June 2013. The DLC for the original Borderlands was fantastic, so this is certainly a tantalising deal.

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Stuffgamer1 said:

Umm...the DLC for Borderlands was hit-and-miss. The Zombie one had too much brain collecting, Moxxie's arena was just plain not fun, General Knoxx has too much back-and-forth driving in it, and Claptrap Revolution had too many completely RANDOM collectable drops from the Claptraps. I mean, they all had their fun parts (except for Moxxie), but they were certainly far from "fantastic."

That said, I'll probably get the season pass anyway and just hope they've learned their lesson this time around. I know they got a LOT of feedback about the first game's DLC, so...maybe they'll develop accordingly. I hope.



hYdeks said:

@Stuffgamer1 I disagree with you, the Borderlands dlc was priced just right and added alot of fun for the price. The whole game your going back and forth, so that isn't much of an argument, and your complaining about getting too many random collectable drops in claptrap? That's what there plan was WITH that dlc

Here's hoping borderlands 2 dlc is just as great, if not better



Stuffgamer1 said:

@hydeks: Yes, their plan was to force me to spend several hours grinding stupid crap AFTER finishing the DLC's campaign going after pizza, oil cans, etc. Because that's fun.

I'm well aware that the game has a good bit of back-and-forth built into it, but that fact was still expanded upon in the DLC, due in no small part (especially with General Knoxx) to the lack of extra quick travel points within the DLC world. If I could've just used some of those to skip past the long, boring roads on occasion...



odd69 said:

I loved everything dlc on borderlands except moxxies, so it no brainer ill buy all of 2's dlc

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