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There's Going to Be Another Earth Defense Forces Game

Posted by Sammy Barker

Insect armageddon

Not content with the upcoming Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable for PlayStation Vita, D3 Publisher has announced a fourth entry in the popular bug bashing series. The sequel – which is currently only confirmed for Japan – was revealed via a teaser website overnight.

While the title is unlikely to skip on a Western release, the publisher is keeping quiet about its plans for the time being. A spokesperson told β€œThe game is being released by D3 Japan and they will be handling the launch of the title in Japan. If more information becomes available to me, I'll be sure to keep you posted.”


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I know this is unrelated but why don't more people use this site, it's one of the best in my book!!



ThreadShadow said:

Defense Force IA...should I get the PS3 version or the 360 version? has there been a concensus on the best version? I don't have many co-op games for PS3 and I was thinking of maybe getting the PS3 version for that reason.

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