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Rumour: Super Slim PlayStation 3 on the Way

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony is working on a new PlayStation 3 model, according to documents uncovered by Japanese website Pocket News. The details, filed by Sony to the Federal Communications Commission, reveal a 4000 series of the home console. We’re currently on the 3000 series by the way.

Buried within the document are images of the proposed PS3 compared to older units. Unsurprisingly, it’s significantly smaller – supporting rumours that a refreshed hardware design is set to be announced soon.

Adding fuel to the fire, Shuhei Yoshida refused to rule out an updated PS3 model when asked at E3 last month. “Never say never,” he said.

Sony loves making hardware and price announcements at GamesCom, so all eyes are on the big show in Germany. In the meantime, the platform holder has refused to comment. Surprise, surprise.


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This is good news, should drive down the cost of the already perfectly acceptable Slim



rjejr said:

If it gets the price down its good for everybody. Well everybody except Nintendo and their new Wii U. Though if it drives the never to be announced Wii U price down good for me. I might have been interested in a newer slimmer slim 3 weeks ago before I upgraded my 80Gb HDD to 500. Even the new PS+ stuff has barely put a dent in it.

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