The oft-delayed rhythm-based shooter Retro/Grade will finally warp onto the PlayStation Network next month, developer 24 Caret Games has announced. The back-to-front arcade blaster will hit Sony’s digital storefront on 21st August in North America and 22nd August in Europe.

For those that haven’t stayed up to date with the download’s incredibly extensive development process, the title sees you undoing an epic space battle by retracing your steps in a gameplay mechanic that essentially amounts to Guitar Hero on crack. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You’ll be able to play the game with either a guitar or a DualShock 3. According to the developer, both methods are equally enjoyable. "In our focus tests, it seems like people's preference is split down the middle when it comes to controlling the game," it said in an FAQ on its official website.

If you’re not sure whether Retro/Grade is for you, developer Matt Gilgenbach has promised that a demo will be made available at some point down the line. The title’s also likely to occupy one of the slots in August’s PlayStation Plus line-up, though 24 Caret Games has yet to officially confirm.

While you wait for additional information, you might want to check out the brand new trailer conveniently embedded below.