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On-Disc Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Launches This Month

Posted by Sammy Barker

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You’ll finally be able to stump up the cash for Street Fighter X Tekken’s controversial 100kb download key this month, unlocking the additional 12 characters already stored on the game’s retail disc. The DLC had originally been scheduled for release after the Vita version, but it looks like Capcom has buckled under the pressure of fan demands.

However, despite the backlash, the Japanese giant still wants $19.99 for the content. In return for your hard-earned cash, you’ll unlock Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Dudley, Elena, Jack, Bryan Fury, Alisa, Lars, Lei and Christie. You'll be able to download them all on 31st July.

Meanwhile, if you pick up the Vita version, you’ll scoop up access to the extra characters for free, as well as alternative outfits for the entirety of the fighter's core roster. Additional costumes will be made available as pre-order incentives from participating retailers.


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DraculaX said:

Playing $20 for something you already own? What has this world gone to? What happened to the good old days of unlocking things?



turtlelink said:

Funny, VF5's DLC isn't on the disc yet I wish it was so I could see all the custom character designs online.



Savino said:

I guess we have to be "thankfull" for that.
Back in the Snes days you had to pay full retail price to play with 4 aditional chars.
I dont know why the surprise, capcom ALWAYS was greedy with their fithing games.

And nobody owns (except capcom) the DLC data on the disc, read the EULA and you will see why!

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