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Konami Opens New PES Studio in London

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cultural excursion

Pro Evolution Soccer is locked in a fierce battle with FIFA. Despite dominating the PS2 era, Konami’s once-world beating soccer sim has struggled against the new-found enthusiasm of EA’s franchise. But the Japanese publisher is eager to topple its closest competitor – and one way it hopes to achieve that is by opening a new studio in London to capture the culture of football.

The dedicated team will work directly alongside the main PES studio in Tokyo to fully realise the “feel” of European football.

“These are hugely exciting times for the PES series,” Konami boss Shinji Hirano said. "We are looking for a number of creative people who can help us elevate PES to whole new levels. As part of Konami's commitment to ensuring PES captures the majesty of European football, we are looking for people to help capture the very essence of the beautiful game and bring it to life."

There’s been a lot of movement within the PES development team lately, with Kei Masuda taking the reins from series veteran Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka, who has moved onto other unannounced football projects.

It’s unclear whether PES will ever be able to topple the now dominant FIFA, but we respect that Konami’s going to give it a proper go. Ultimately, the enhanced competition between the two franchises means that we’re guaranteed better football games all around – and that’s a net win for everyone that cares about the sport.

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goldgin said:

They should just release one product every 3 years, updating the roster and fixing bugs with paid dlc during this lifecycle. They should also stop paying licences, make the roster file easily exportable/editable/importable instead so that the community can release 'unofficial' roster updates. Most people buy the next iteration for the updated teams, taking advantage of this is rather 90's practice and should be banned.



get2sammyb said:

@goldgin While I don't totally disagree — FIFA would eat their lunch even more if PES only came around every three years.

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