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Fourth Battlefield 3 DLC Pack Deals with Earthquake Aftermath

Posted by Sammy Barker

On shaky ground

Battlefield 3’s fourth DLC pack, Aftermath, will transport soldiers to the hazardous post-earthquake landscape of Tehran, publisher EA has announced. The add-on will feature four new maps set in the aforementioned location, alongside a bevy of new vehicles and a brand new game mode. There’ll also be a handful of new Trophies and dog-tags to earn. Better sharpen up then, soldier.

It’s unclear when the expansion pack will arrive, but we wouldn’t expect it to be too far off – EA will probably want Battlefield 3 players to move onto Medal of Honor: Warfighter come 23rd October.

Update: So much for our snarky observation – Aftermath is due out in December on PlayStation 3.


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UNC5052 said:

Aftermath arrives in December with 2 weeks early access for premium members and the 5th expansion, End Game, arrives in March of next year. The third expansion, Armored Kill, arrives in September.

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