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Don't Worry, Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Not Cancelled

Posted by Sammy Barker

Still alive

Despite rumours to the contrary, Square Enix has denied that the oft-delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been canned. Last week, Kotaku reported that the title had been quietly cancelled, but Square Enix gaffer Yoichi Wada reassured fans that there's no truth to the speculation.

“There's someone making a false rumour that Versus was cancelled,” he said on Twitter. “Haha... just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended. If you saw the presentation of the city, it'd knock you off your feet - lol.”

When can we see it then, Wada?


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get2sammyb said:

@ztpayne7 Believe! I doubt this is going to be PS3 exclusive anymore though... Not that it really matters — just putting it out there.



fchinaski said:

I've arrived so late to the PS3 party that I was never anxious about this game. In fact, only now I'm finishing XIII and still have to play XIII-2. But I'm relieved that it's not dead. In fact, maybe it will be one of those games that, coming out near the end of a console's life-cycle, makes the most of it and surprises us in a way we never thought possible for such an "old" machine. Kind like God of War II did. Let's wait and see.



get2sammyb said:

@fchinaski I actually think that's very possible. I'm not the biggest Final Fantasy fan to be honest, but I really like the direction of this one. The thing is, we've seen so little, it's hard to know what it /actually/ is. Let's hope it's not far off now.



ShogunRok said:

Don't mean to be pessimistic, but I've said it once and I'll say it again: I'll believe it when I see it.

Making comments like this after waiting 7 years for the game is taking the piss a bit.



3Above said:

Dont get me wrong, im am super excited that Versus isnt dead. Iv been waiting for it since E3 2006. But i thought Square Eniz said ( taking a page from Sony's book ) "We do not comment on rumor and speculation. " ANd yet here we are. Oh well. I wonder if he 'rumor' was gauge to see if there was still a fanbase for Versus. When this rumor news broke #FinalFantasyVersusXIII Was treninding above The Dark Knight Rises and the Shooting as well. Guess its still pretty popular.



rjejr said:

"canceled" means someone made a decision and labeled the game "Canceled". Not canceling the game just means that they are working on it, not that it is ever going to come out, and certainly not exclusively on the PS3.

Between this, Last Guardian and BG&E2, maybe it is time to start looking forward to the PS4 after all.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Why are people assuming it's not going to be exclusive? They already gimped FFXIII with that decision, and everything they've shown of Versus (what little that's been) looks even better; I don't think they could get the game running on 360 without ruining it. Unless you think it's been pushed to PS4...that I could maybe believe.

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