Signs of a slow news day: we post the North American PlayStation Store update a day early, we spend the majority of the morning reading BBC live text updates, and we write an article about basketball just to give us something to do. Yes, folks, it’s been deader than a Dodo today.

So what’s new in the world of, er, basketball? Well, we couldn’t tell you much, but one thing we do know is that Jay-Z, hip-hop legend and part owner of the New Jersey Nets, has been snapped up as an executive producer on the upcoming NBA 2K13.

It’s unclear what the media mogul’s role involves, but publisher 2K Games sure seems proud of his involvement, plastering the celebrity’s name all over the title’s latest trailer. You should probably be impressed.

To his credit, Jay-Z has played a pivotal role in rebranding the once dowdy New Jersey Nets. At least, that’s what we’ve been told.

So, yeah – that’s some video game news for you, huh?