While the status of Team ICO’s hotly anticipated The Last Guardian remains in limbo, director Fumito Ueda has provided some reassuring words about the game’s progress. Chatting with Kotaku, the legendary developer explained that it's “business as usual”.

The Last Guardian’s fate was plunged into doubt late last year when Ueda’s departure from Sony was announced. Since then the developer’s been working as a freelancer to complete the emotional exclusive. But contrary to speculation, Ueda doesn’t feel like much has changed behind the scenes. “The only things that have really changed are the terms of my contract,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Ueda was unable to provide any more concrete information about the development of the game. Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed during E3 that the long-in-development title was experiencing technical issues. We’ve still got a feeling that it’s going to re-emerge as a PlayStation 4 release.

[via kotaku.com]