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Sony to Reveal the "Future of PlayStation Plus" at E3

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s E3 press conference will reveal the “Future of PlayStation Plus”, according to a teaser image on its official website. Rumours have been rife regarding changes to PlayStation’s premium subscription service for several weeks now – with some sources speculating the revision might play into a proposed partnership with a major cloud gaming service.

We’ll find out the full nature of the revamp when Sony’s E3 press conference kicks off next week. What would you like to see announced?


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tandam2012 said:

i think a digital 'swap shop' would be pretty cool. sell off unwanted games or dlc, and get points(xbl) or credit (psn), software is automatically removed from ur console. could work brilliantly if done right. extra benefits for plus users obviously



Squiggle55 said:

I hope there is a bonus for signing up for PS+ this month. I've been putting off renewing waiting for one of those bonus deals.

@tandam that's an interesting idea. but I don't see the developers benefiting from it at all.



rjejr said:

Video. 1 free rental per month. Doesn't Sony own some of those movies? They are offering Ghost Rider 1 w/ 2 this month so hand pick old movies that are relevant to give away in hopes of people renting a newer one.

Voucher system. I know it won't happen but it's what we all want. Especially during those months when it's all repeat games. I don't want to see those 6 Sega Genesis games offered EVER AGAIN.

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