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Sony: Some of Our Competitors Are Losing the Plot

Posted by Sammy Barker


Sony’s Jack Buser is not one to censor his opinions, which nearly always results in some entertaining interviews. Chatting with VentureBeat, the head of digital platforms has provided another cracker, launching a scathing attack at Microsoft.

In the interview, Buser suggested that some of Sony’s competitors are “losing the plot” and have forgotten that gamers “built this industry”.

Strap yourself in, here’s what Buser had to say:

We are for the gamer first and foremost. Everything we do at PlayStation, we ask ourselves first, what’s right for the gamer? And at our press conference, we really stood up and put both our hands in the air and said, look, we are for gamers first and foremost. While some of our competitors, seemingly, are losing the plot, forgetting what built this industry. It was the gamer. We remain incredibly focused on the gamer, and our press conference really drove that home.

Buser explained that titles such as The Last of Us and Beyond are prime examples of what gamers want from the space. He continued that media services like Netflix and Amazon Video are just the icing on the cake.

He concluded:

We’re seeing other companies spend a lot of time and energy trying to legitimize themselves in the [entertainment] space, and unfortunately what happens is they can very quickly lose the plot with gamers. That’s quite dangerous. That’s why we at PlayStation very much put the gamer first and foremost.

It’s a message that Sony’s been keen to promote all E3. Jack Tretton opened the PlayStation press conference earlier this week explaining that the platform is for gamers, and various other interviews have hit similar beats.

Honestly, it’s a philosophy we appreciate. Like most people, we use our PS3 for more than gaming – but if the system ever started to promote those aspects above it, then we honestly think we’d lose a bit of interest.

Buser may be a bit blunt with his analysis, but we think he’s got a point – and ultimately, we’re kind of glad he’s someone that’s championing the brand.


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tulaib_100 said:

he's totally right, Beyond, gow ascension and particularly the last of us blew me away ... last of us demo was anything i've seen in my whole 12 years of gaming life. PC gamers must be pissed off with the amount of detailing the last of us have, there is no game of this detail on pc as far as i know. i cannot imagine what naughty dog will do with ps4



Squiggle55 said:

Microsoft certainly did spend a lot of time on internet explorer, and all of the different websites you can visit with internet explorer...



ComicBookGuy said:

Firstly, LOL @ Squiggle55!

Second, I totally agree! The only people I know who are still compltely MS loyalist are people who hold outdated views about PS3 (IT HAZ NO GAEMZ!!) or people who ONLY play Halo 4 and cod on XBL (or just idiots who think MS respects them as humans or something).
Two E3s now MS have been showing off multi-plat sequels and new dashboard features, while Sony has been games, games, games! And E3 is about GAMES!
I always watch the MS pres feeling dazzled by shiny interfaces and features, but by the time Sony are done with theirs, I remember how much I love playing games, and start preordering exclusives. That's why I love Sony, and that's why you can see on countless forums and blog sites that GAMERS are leaving MS, and loyalists and casual people are staying back.



Slapshot said:

Sony is right to say this, and I'm glad they had the audacity to stand-up for what made PlayStation what it is today. It's evolved into other forms of entertainment, but at its core, it's all about the gamers.

Good for Sony. I do feel bad for loyal Microsoft fans though. They're down to a handful of exclusives, and the majority of those aren't even being developed by their original developers anymore. It doesn't take much to see that Microsoft has forced Kinect and "entertainment" on their loyal customers, and they're about to find themselves in quite the precarious position if they don't watch out.



JavierYHL said:

yup when they are losing the plot they are already selling so much more 3ds than your vita...its scary to think if they are not losing it...



hamispink said:

@JavierYHL His comments are more a jab at microsoft than nintendo, though it is true that Sony can't claim that they didn't mismanage their time and focus during their press conference. Although they only focused on games for one console instead of two, so it's forgivable.



rjejr said:

He's right, but the question is, does Microsoft care? They have never been shy about wanting a Pc in the living room and everybody has always known gaming was there Trojan horse. They aren't competing with Sony but with Apple - who last I checked don't make a gaming console - and cable companies. Xbox and Kinect and $60 gold and pay per view w/ the occasional Halo thrown in. And if everybody buys a Win 8 laptop or smart phone or tablet as a remote more $ for them.



odd69 said:

As long as I'll have to "pay" to use microsoft's onlines services, Ill never ever support them. Not a fan fanboy at all but I just cant jump on this MS bandwagon.
Thier E3 announcements were boring, and kinect doent seem fun. But PS move aint either.

As far as sony, Its not about the gamer, its about the gamers money. Sure we made the indusrty what it is, but just because we get nickel and dimed and buy new releases at 60$ a pop.



ShogunRok said:

I agree with him, E3 showed me Microsoft are still experimenting and juggling a lot of ideas, and Nintendo are building a console that's aimed at... well, your guess is as good as mine.

Sony brought the games, and clearly that's where they're going to keep their focus, as well as introducing powerful hardware. No doubt in my mind, and surely many others, that PlayStation is where we'll be spending most of next gen.

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