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Sony Reveals Wacky PlayStation Move Racing Wheel

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wheely strange

That bizarre looking contraption pictured to your right is the PlayStation Move's official racing wheel. You may recall us picking up on a patent for a similar looking device earlier in the year.

The docking station is actually packing some pretty cool features, including the addition of a complete control layout and rumble.

Meanwhile, the sticks on the side of the peripheral can be flipped out, transforming the steering wheel into an, er, motorbike.

Apparently the device is compatible with both current and future PS3 racing games. It'll launch for $39.99 later this year.


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rjejr said:

If it flops they can turn it sideways and cross market it w/ The Hunger Games. Or sell it to the BDSM crowd as a ... well something.




Hahahaha, apparently- when folded out the grips rotate for throttle. you, know-if the market this right (they probably won't) with the right games (there probably won't be any) it could be worth a go!



NathanUC said:

@KALofKRYPTON I believe they are making the throttle just R2 (both analog) so in theory it should work with the current gen MotoGP games. I'd be interested if there were any good motorcycle racing games but currently, they are all lame imo. I am interested to see how this works with GT5 though

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