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Sine Mora Shooting onto PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

A nice surprise

In a somewhat unexpected announcement, Grasshopper has revealed that its former Xbox Live Arcade shooter Sine Mora is flying onto PlayStation Vita. The game – developed in conjunction with Digital Reality – is “a diesel punk shoot ‘em up that provides a unique take on the genre, where time is the ultimate factor”.

The title features over “over 60 combinations of planes, characters and time manipulation devices”. It also boasts a soundtrack composed by legendary Silent Hill musician Akira Yamaoka.

In addition, the Vita version of the game will feature an exclusive character from classic shooter Under Defeat. Wilhelmine Muller will come equipped with brand new weapons and chronomes, exclusive to the Vita version of the game.

Digital Reality’s Balázs Horváth said:

When you’ve got a great game on your hands, there’s nothing you want to do more than share it with everyone. We had a fantastic launch with Microsoft exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and we’re really excited to continue that on the Vita.

Sine Mora looked absolutely fantastic on the Xbox 360, so we’re looking forward to seeing how those visuals translate to Vita.

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WolfRamHeart said:

Oh wow, this was definitely unexpected but really great news! I really enjoyed the demo of this game on XBLA but I never got around to buying it. I guess that I will pick it up for my Vita instead.

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